LifeGuard Personal Breath Tester

LifeGuard Personal Breath Tester


LifeGuard Personal Breath Tester

Portable breath testers using fuel cell technology have been in widespread professional use for over 25 years in law enforcement, the workplace, corrections, and related markets where alcohol abuse is a serious individual or public safety and health concern.  LifeGuard, for the first time, makes this highly reliable technology available to the consumer at an affordable price: a trustworthy breathalyzer for serious users who need to rely on the accuracy of their test results. Personal breath testers can be divided into two types by the different technology used to measure breath alcohol content: platinum fuel cell technology and semiconductor technology. Lifeloc platinum fuel cell technology is appropriate for precision breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement. Semiconductor technology is not.

LifeGuard combines precision fuel cell technology, ease of use and reliability into a consumer breathalyzer that stands above all others in personal use and in testing those you care about. The LifeGuard comes complete with a permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece, 10 disposable (slip-on) mouthpieces, a nine-volt battery, a wrist strap, a nylon carry pouch, an operations manual, and a one-year warranty.


  • Simple two-button operation
  • Precise three-digit BAC readout
  • Platinum fuel cell for accuracy and reliability
  • Last test result recall
  • Law enforcement-grade accuracy
  • Dual-mode mouthpiece system:
    • Permanent (fold-away) mouthpiece for self-testing
    • Detachable (slip-on) mouthpieces for testing others
  • Smart alerts:
    • Easy-to-understand visual icons
    • English-language user prompts
    • Alcohol breath-graph indicator
    • Audible test-sequence indicators
    • Re-calibration reminder
    • Real-time battery power status
    • Auto power-off
  • Long battery life (nine volt size)
  • Fast warm-up, test time, and recovery time

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LifeGuard Calibration

All breath testers require periodic calibration to maintain their accuracy. Your LifeGuard is designed to be calibrated by a factory certified calibration technician. It is recommended that your LifeGuard be calibrated at least once every 12 months.

To have your instrument calibrated or serviced, email, visit or call 1.877.266.1008.  

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