Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing

Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing


Because the health and safety in your work environment is a top priority.

Drug Testing in Canada for Employment

Pre-employment drug testing and alcohol testing is an essential function in establishing a safe work environment that helps to reduce health and safety risks to employees, the public, to property and to the environment. 

By testing job applicants after you have made an offer of employment but before the person begins working, hiring managers can streamline the hiring process by reducing the risk of offering employment to individuals who may pose a heightened safety risk to themselves and others in safety-sensitive work environments.

A safety-sensitive position can be categorized as one where incapacity due to drug or alcohol impairment could directly injure employees or others in the work environment.

Work with Experts

At CannAmm, we understand the sensitivities around pre-employment drug testing and can help you ensure that your pre-employment drug screening policy is in line with human rights legislation and that client information remains strictly confidential

In addition, our organization has years of experience and some of the most skilled people in the workplace drug testing industry, and we deliver results you can trust. Our people also make learning a priority, by staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and industry regulations.

Whether your business is large or small, you can partner with CannAmm for pre-employment drug testing in Canada. We have over 800 collection sites across Canada, and we also offer mobile drug testing at job sites so you can access the tests you need, where you need them. We get your people in and out of our testing facilities—and back to work, when necessary—as quickly as possible.

DOT Regulations and Pre Employment Testing

The Department of Transportation requires drug and optional alcohol testing post-offer of employment.

How Pre-Employment Testing Works

  • Pre-employment drug testing and alcohol testing is considered post-offer (after the offer of employment is conditionally accepted).
  • Any non-negative test results are re-tested and confirmed to ensure court-worthy reliability.
  • Because the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) considers an addiction to be a disability, if an applicant tests positive and is determined to have a substance abuse addiction, your company has a duty under CHRA to offer accommodation. This may then involve utilizing return-to-duty services to ensure that as an employer you are following the due dilligence required to maintain a safe workplace.
  • If an applicant tests positive and is not found to have a substance abuse addiction, he or she is not protected under CHRA legislation.

What Do They Test For Pre Employment Drug Screening?

CannAmm offers many different types of drug tests for a variety of needs. Depending on the type of test, donors would be required to provide a urine or saliva sample. 

  • Urinalysis can be used to test for cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and opiates. 
  • Saliva testing is one of the most commonly used because it can be collected on-site. It can identify recent usage and is 100% observed. 

Not sure what test your site needs? We can help with that. 

You can reach us by phone or online and a member of our team will be pleased to assist you. Please be advised that booking appointments by phone allows us to schedule tests to be conducted as soon as possible.

Contact us today to arrange for pre-employment drug testing.