Medical Fitness Testing

Medical Fitness Testing

The physical exam is the foundation of establishing medical clearance to work in all safety-sensitive roles. Our medical fitness testing and functional testing services were developed and carried out by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Customizable to meet your needs wherever you’re working in Canada or abroad, these services have been designed to protect employer and employee rights, ensuring that employees don’t unfairly lose employment and that employers can defend decisions when required. Our evaluations also mitigate the risks health conditions can pose, both immediate and long-term.

Medical Fitness Evaluations

These exams help organizations operating in safety-sensitive industries to promote safety by managing employee health risks. They also improve overall health and wellness in the workplace by assessing whether people are medically fit for the job they are performing. In some industries, such as construction, transportation, and aviation, medical fitness testing is required because employee health conditions could endanger the public.

Our comprehensive medical exam includes a full medical history and head-to-toe physical assessment. All medical exams are performed only by qualified individuals, and results are reviewed by a physician team, assuring quality and consistency. The physician determines fitness for duty, recommends additional assessments when they are needed, and advises on follow-up interventions if required. 

Get the best in medical fitness evaluations:

  • Standardized, quality assured, and available coast to coast
  • Easy to manage—book multiple tests with one request
  • Easy to combine with drug and alcohol testing
  • Based on internationally accepted standards
  • Confidential and defensible
  • Supported by medical expertise when needed

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We’ve Got Your Back

CannAmm maintains medical records according to all applicable health and safety and privacy legislation. We will provide results to legislative bodies or boards of inquiry should you need them.

We will work with you and your people to manage any problems identified as a result of a Functional Fitness Exam or other occupational tests. We’re there to arrange for and advise individuals on further testing through the provincial health system.

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Are You Legally Obligated to Provide Health Monitoring for Employees?

Employees in many industries and roles are legally obligated to undergo health monitoring. These include employees handling hazardous substances; commercial vehicle operators; employees in the mining industry; pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight engineers; and designated positions critical to railway operations.

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