Mobile Drug Testing
Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile drug testing makes sense when bringing your people to one of our collection sites doesn’t.  Examples of such include when you are in a remote location or you have a high number of on-site employees that need to be tested within a day or two. With mobile drug testing, you’ll reduce employee time away from site and downtime while ensuring testing is done in a timely manner.

CannAmm mobile drug testing

Our mobile fleet units in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and Fort McMurray can come to your door if you’re in central or northern Alberta, northeastern British Columbia (including Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, and parts of Saskatchewan) during normal business hours.

After-hours testing may be available through our third-party network, depending on location. Our trained and certified staff can deliver a comprehensive suite of mobile occupational testing services designed to meet your corporate policies and legislative requirements.




Fast and Accurate to Keep Your Business Going

All lab-confirmed positive test results are verified by a qualified medical review officer, and for the vast majority of tests an email notification will be sent to your representative within 36 to 72 hours of collection for negative results when using laboratory testing, and less than 3 hours after collection when using express/POCT collection technologies. We’re also accountable for our results, and we will provide full support when non-negative results occur or if your company faces legal action related to wrongful termination.

Other Mobile Testing Services

Our mobile testing services also cover various occupational health testing requirements, such as audiograms and mask fit testing (subject to geographical limitations and fleet availability).

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