Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is best done using a breath alcohol test that determines the concentration of alcohol in a breath sample. Breath alcohol testing generates legally defensible results to ensure that both employer and employee rights are protected.

Our alcohol testing technicians are highly trained and experienced, and certified in the breathalyzer equipment they use. They understand the importance of getting an accurate result every time, and ensure that proper procedures are followed for each and every breath alcohol test.

CannAmm offers both alcohol screening tests and breath alcohol confirmation tests.

Alcohol Screening Test

Alcohol screening tests are used to determine whether a person is at or above the 0.020 screening cut-off level for alcohol. Testing can be performed with an alcohol breath-testing device or a saliva alcohol screening kit.

Alcohol Confirmation Test

If a screening result indicates an alcohol level at or above 0.020, a breath alcohol confirmation test is performed. We use evidentiary breath-testing devices for these important confirmation tests to ensure legally defensible results. The confirmation cut-off level for alcohol testing is 0.040.

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