Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is best performed using a breath alcohol test that determines the concentration of alcohol in a breath sample. A breath alcohol test detects the current level of intoxication by measuring the alcohol in breath exhaled.

Breath alcohol testing is the most common method used to detect alcohol. The process is non-invasive and simple. This method generates legally defensible results to ensure that both employer and employee rights are protected.

Alcohol consumption in any form can pose serious threats on job sites. Alcohol consumption can cause a lack of inhibition, sedation, and a loss of motor control. These behaviours negatively impact the productivity and safety of your employees and cause potential liability for employers. The results can vary from reduced productivity to serious incidents including death.

What is a Breath Alcohol Tester?

Our alcohol testers are highly trained, experienced, and certified in the breathalyzer equipment they use. Our testers are certified to complete testing using D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) testing standards. Our testers understand the importance of an accurate result and ensure that proper procedures are followed for each and every test.

We have the ability to immediately detect breath alcohol levels. Our accurate alcohol breath testers typically complete the testing process in a few minutes. CannAmm offers both alcohol screening tests and breath alcohol confirmation tests.

Alcohol Screening Test

Our testing programs provide an accurate reading and are used to determine whether a person is at or above the blood alcohol content (BAC) level screening cut-off for the amount of alcohol in their bloodstream. Anyone who has not consumed any alcohol should have an alcohol breath test level of 0%.

Testing can be performed with our professional-grade breath alcohol testing equipment or with a saliva alcohol screening kit. This type of test can be used for employees that may be displaying reasonable suspicion of recent alcohol consumption or behaving erratically. Being proactive can help stop unsafe behaviour on the job site before an accident or death occurs.

Alcohol Confirmation Test

If a screening result displays a blood alcohol level at or above a level of 0.020, a breath alcohol confirmation test is required. This test confirms there was not a false positive result and is compliant with DOT standards. The confirmation test rules out the objection that the results from the screening test were caused by residual mouth alcohol.

Our testers use evidential breath-testing devices for these important confirmation tests to ensure legally defensible results. The evidential breath alcohol testers (EBTs) or “breathalyzers” are high-precision handheld breath alcohol analyzers that are also used by law enforcement. The cut-off BAC level for alcohol testing is 0.040.

Our testing services help prevent job site accidents and ensure the safety of your employees. We conduct testing for large and small businesses.

CannAmm also offers breath alcohol devices for purchase and is the distributor for Lifeloc™ Technologies in Canada. We have a catalogue of breath alcohol testing supplies available and also offer training programs in Canada for breath alcohol technicians that are taught by Lifeloc-qualified trainers.

The course will prepare breath alcohol technicians to conduct breath tests in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Alcohol Testing Procedures Rule, 49 CFR Part 40, and industry standards. This training includes procedural rules and manufacturer-specific evidential breath testing device proficiencies. A certificate is issued for the course and is valid for five years after completion of the training.

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