Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing


A proven way to deter drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

Random drug and alcohol testing is an effective way to deter substance misuse in the workplace. If your company’s current testing program is not having the desired effect of reducing workplace incidents and you’re seeing positive test results following incidents, or if you must meet U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, a random drug and alcohol testing program should be implemented.

Our experienced professionals will help you determine when to administer a random drug test and to whom, using computer-generated programs that guarantee random selection. We also handle all record-keeping, ensuring that the random drug screening process is objective.

How Random Drug Screening Works

  • A percentage of the total pool of employees is tested annually, with each employee having the exact same chance of being selected (or not) with every random draw made.
  • For defensibility, we use computer-generated programs using approved algorithms to perform these selections.
  • We follow industry best practices to ensure a successful random program and prohibit adding weight to certain individuals to increase the chance of them being selected or removing individuals from the pool once they have been selected to ensure a different set of employees are drawn each time.

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