We put people first.

You just want to get on with the job. We get that. When you need to get employment drug testing or occupational health testing, you’ll find the welcoming staff at all our collection sites that will make you feel at home and get you in compliance quickly. Our employment drug testing facilities are clean, comfortable, and accessible. No matter what type of testing you need, we have industry-leading turnaround times.

Our goal is to get you back to work while ensuring your safety and a safe work environment. Don’t be surprised at all the smiling we do around here either. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask our friendly and helpful staff. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Your safety is our priority. We know drug and alcohol testing can seem to be an inconvenient requirement, but the fact is that employment drug testing and occupational health testing really help to improve workplace safety. We’re committed to helping the thousands of people we test do their jobs safely, by:

  • Respecting your privacy and ensuring medical information is only shared with required parties
  • Standing by you to help you resolve any health conditions or substance abuse concerns
  • Conducting all employment drug testing respectfully and professionally, and delivering reliable results quickly
  • Ensuring that there is forensic integrity for every test. In other words, your test result will be based on your sample, with multiple specimen identification checks along the way.
  • Ensuring your test is accurate – every time

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What happens if your drug or alcohol test shows a non-negative result?

Each sample is given an initial screening test and, if required, a second, more specific and comprehensive confirmation test. If the lab reports a positive result, the Medical Review Officer will contact you to determine whether there is a legitimate medical reason for this test result before a final result is released to your employer.

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Prepare for employment drug testing.

Is this your first time? First of all, don’t be nervous. Click on the link below to learn about preparing for your appointment to ensure a smooth and quick testing process.

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Get testing results

Drug and Alcohol Program Administrators can visit our Get Results page and log in to the secure site where they can obtain test results, schedule test or medical exams for staff, manage employee profiles and accounts, download reports and more.