Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Here at CannAmm we strongly believe in getting involved with the community. Whether it be by volunteering or donating, it is important for businesses to rally around their communities in order to give back to those who help make them successful. The best part is that there are so many opportunities and ways that people can get involved, with a wide variety of organizations to choose from.

Threads of Life - Association for Workplace Tragedy Family SupportThreads of Life

The Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support (known as Threads of Life) is a national registered Canadian charity dedicated to supporting families along their journey of healing who have suffered from a workplace fatality, life-altering illness or occupational disease.

Threads of Life is a national charity dedicated to helping Canadian families who have been affected by a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease. It currently provides a network of hope and healing to more than 2,000 family members through one-on-one peer support, links to other community support services and the opportunity to take action to help prevent similar tragedies in other families.

Threads of Life was created in 2003 to fill a major gap in Canada’s health, safety, and social systems. There is no well-known hotline to call or place to go to find the kind of emotional support and caring often required to make it through the aftermath of a workplace fatality or severe injury/illness in Canada.

Threads of Life established a unique Volunteer Family Guide program, training family members who have been through a workplace tragedy to act as a listener and a shoulder to lean on for new family members. People who are coping with the results of workplace fatalities, injuries and illness are also invited to attend annual forums where they can learn healthy coping skills and share their experiences with others who understand.

In addition to working directly with family members, Threads of Life works closely with government and corporate partners like CannAmm to achieve our shared vision of a culture in which work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths are morally, socially and economically unacceptable. Many family members volunteer for the Threads of Life speaker’s bureau, telling their personal stories at conferences and safety events to help prevent future tragedies.

Steps for Life – Raising awareness and funds

We organize an annual awareness and fundraising walk called Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy. Steps for Life takes place in Canadian communities from coast to coast. The walk honours those affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease. It’s also an opportunity for companies like CannAmm to show our commitment to health and safety – and we do that in force!

Many companies including CannAmm sponsor local walks, and allow their employees to volunteer, and enter teams. CannAmm is a national sponsor for Steps for Life, and our staff has been instrumental in helping to organize walks across the country.

For more information go to Threads of Life and/or Steps for Life.