Return-to-Duty Services
Return-to-Duty Services

Return-to-Duty Services

At CannAmm, we believe in our motto: “Remove the substance, keep the individual”. That’s why we provide return-to-duty services to employers when a substance abuse issue has been identified through self-disclosure or through the testing program. If your company has had an employee in violation of the company’s drug and alcohol testing policy and is committed to ensuring a safe workplace, our return-to-duty services can help. These services ensure that the employer is doing the due diligence required to maintain workplace safety. Our return-to-duty services provide:

  • A third-party case manager so as to avoid any perception of collusion or favouritism
  • Assurance that your organization is adhering to all acts, policies, and regulations
  • A fast, safe way to get individuals to return to work, reducing your financial losses and increasing production
  • Qualified service providers who can meet the needs of employees who suffer from substance use disorders

We can help you meet the requirements of human rights regulations, health and safety acts, and other legislated requirements.

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Whatever your return-to-duty process needs are, we can help.

We can help you adhere to the Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace developed by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) or U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) regulations. In addition, our programs meet all requirements of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and safety legislation.

Experience counts.

Our in-house Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) and Substance Abuse Experts (SAEs) are certified through the Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certifications Federation (CACCF) and have extensive experience and training in assessing and treating substance use disorders. Our national and international networks of SAPs/SAEs are certified in the field of addictions either by CACCF (ICADC, RSAE) or other recognized certifying bodies and have many years of practical experience in assessing and treating substance misuse, abuse, and dependency.

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