Audiometric/Hearing Testing for the Workplace

Audiometric/Hearing Testing for the Workplace

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss is now the leading non-fatal occupational disease claim?

Preventing hearing loss through early identification by an audiogram or hearing test is a must to meet legislative requirements, but it also has other big benefits such as assessing the effectiveness of your noise exposure management system and identifying individuals with hearing limitations, which can lead to the prevention of serious incidents in the workplace.

Typically, monitoring using audiometric testing is done once prior to entry into the workplace as a baseline, then periodically at the recommended industry rate or as outlined by the legislative requirements of the province, and finally at the exit from the workplace.

Our turnkey hearing testing/audiogram service makes it easy to comply with legislation and enhance safety in your workplace. If you’re operating in multiple provinces, occupational health and safety standards require having a new baseline test completed prior to the worker going to the new site. As always, confidentiality is assured and we maintain the health care records for the required length of time.

Audiometric Testing with Physician Review

An audiometric examination assesses a person’s ability to hear tones at various frequencies and decibels (loudness). It helps to determine the effectiveness of ear protection and the degree of hearing loss related to exposure to noise and non-occupational illness.

Our audiogram tests include documenting a comprehensive noise exposure history and determining current hearing status by checking for recent loud noise exposure and physically examining the ear canal. A technician then conducts testing at six frequencies at various decibel levels. A trusted physician will review the history and clinical information to determine testing status and provide intervention when needed. Finally, your authorized representative receives a secure and confidential report containing the results.

Occupational Hearing Testing of the Highest Calibre

  • OHS-qualified technicians trained by an agency acceptable to the province in which testing is performed (where required)
  • Easy to combine with drug and alcohol testing or fitness testing
  • Record retention is maintained in accordance with OHS requirements, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Ministry of Labour by province, whichever is greatest


The main purpose of introducing audiometric testing into a workplace is to identify any immediate hearing limitations that may present a risk to individuals operating in safety-sensitive roles or environments where hearing is an essential requirement of safe work.

Employers who proactively take steps to address noise exposure achieve greater financial success and operational stability, and promote a culture of productivity and safety.


The audiogram offered by CannAmm takes twenty minutes to half an hour to complete and consists of five parts:

  • Part 1: Consent for release of clinical information both past and present.
  • Part 2: Documentation of a comprehensive noise exposure history and current hearing status, including a check for recent loud noise exposure and a physical examination of the ear.
  • Part 3: Audiometric technician testing at six different frequencies that sound is measured at various decibel levels (loudness).
  • Part 4: CannAmm’s trusted thorough physician review of the history and clinical information to determine testing status and provide intervention when it is required.
  • Part 5: Providing secure and confidential reporting of the final testing status to the authorized company representative.


Download the Audiogram/Audiometric Testing datasheet.

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Occupational Audiometry is Good for Everyone

Audiometric testing protects employees in your organization. When hearing loss is identified early this makes it possible to prevent further damage and helps motivate people to comply with hearing protection measures. In many workplaces, the ability to hear can prevent potentially fatal accidents from occurring.

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