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Audiogram/Audiometric Testing Employers performing audiograms are doing so as a part of comprehensive health surveillance program aimed at promoting a safer workplace where audiometric testing contributes to a part of an overall fitness assessment. Monitoring the effects of workplace exposure and ensuring legislative compliance is best achieved through a comprehensive health surveillance program including audiometric testing. Click To Download
Bill C-45 A recent ruling and subsequent conviction and fine levied under Canada’s Bill C-45 legislation highlights the dangers that employees under the influence of drugs at the workplace may face, as well as the consequences that a workplace safety incident can have for a company. Click To Download
CannAmm Learning Centre CannAmm Learning Centre is an online training platform designed to provide an interactive and flexible training solution, anywhere, anytime. Click To Download

Extended Panel Testing                 (12 Panel)

12-Panel drug testing can have useful applications, as it provides an additional screening for safety risks associated with medical (prescription) drugs. Companies evaluating the 12-Panel testing for their program should be aware of the safety implications, operational impact and risks associated with the practice. Click To Download
FAQ Infographic We try and address some Frequently Asked Questions in a short and sweet infographic on things like drug testing, cannabis, second-hand exposure, and general risks in the workplace. Click to Download
Fentanyl Fentanyl is used to manage severe pain and post-surgery pain in medicine. Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than
morphine at the equivalent dose by weight, which makes it extremely dangerous for individual use.
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Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE) It is our position that an employer who chooses to test for the purpose of mitigating risks in a safety sensitive environment, and has done so in good faith, are on the right track to compliance. The goal is to remove the risk; not terminate the employee. We have designed our medical investigations to be limited to satisfying medical clearance in a safety sensitive environment no more, no less. Click To Download
Instant Oral Fluid For workplace testing programs in Canada, instant oral fluid testing raises major concerns. We understand that choosing a method for workplace testing can be overwhelming. We recommend asking a few questions and to evaluate the options. We recommend setting a standard high enough that it can be trusted now and in the future. Click To Download
Medical Marijuana  Medical marijuana in the workplace is a rapidly emerging and highly contentious issue. Canada has undergone unprecedented changes in two decades, and legalization has happened. The topic of marijuana is highly polarized, has evolved into multiple complex debates, and has left most people in a fog feeling overwhelmed and ultimately paralyzed by misinformation – a fog that will cost lives if not cleared. Click To Download
Pulmonary Function Testing A pulmonary function test (PFT) or spirometry measures how well the lungs take in and release air and move gases such as oxygen from the atmosphere into the body. The PFT can be used to assess the effects of toxic substances such as isocyanides on the lungs, check the suitability of wearing self-contained breathing equipment, and assess whether people are fit to occupy strenuous positions, among other things. The PFT is common in ongoing exposure surveillance programs. Click To Download
Random Drug Testing: Commonly Asked Questions HSE professionals agree that compliance with safety programs is one of the strongest lead indicators of safety outcomes. Random drug and alcohol testing has emerged in Canada as the most effective safety compliance tool in ensuring employee fitness in safety sensitive roles. Despite compelling reasons to implement compliance measures, some employers remain hesitant about considering random testing due to uncertainty and misinformation on the topic. This FAQ addresses the most common issues to guide employers in making well informed decisions. Click To Download
Random Testing Programs Random testing is proven to be the most effective deterrent to drug and alcohol misuse at the workplace. Our experience in policy development and review, supervisor training, collection capabilities, and laboratory testing, in combination with our ability to run a truly random program based on computer algorithms and set parameters, makes CannAmm a highly trusted provider for this type of testing. Click To Download
Safety Sensitive Medical Exam Many organizations have introduced post-hire and periodic medical exams to address the hazard that common health conditions pose in the workplace and to promote a healthy and safe workforce in the short and long term. Introducing medical exams into health and safety standards is a critical measure for managing health risks in the workforce, as well as risks to the public. Click To Download

12 Panel with Semi-Synthetic Opioid Drug Testing

The expanded 12 Panel with Semi-Synthetic Opioids drug test not only screens for common illegal drugs like amphetamines, cocaine, THC, phencyclidine and heroine, but provides an additional screening for safety risks associated with medical (prescription) drugs including benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene in addition to the four semi-synthetic opioids. Click To Download