SAP/SAE Assessments and Case Management

SAP/SAE Assessments and Case Management

Assessing for Substance Use Treatment Requirements

Substance use disorder treatment may be the best option when a substance abuse issue has been identified through self-disclosure or through the testing program. Our experienced substance abuse professionals work with you to ensure that employees in violation of the drug and alcohol policy are properly assessed to determine whether you have a duty to accommodate. 

The results of the substance use assessment are then used to develop recommendations that will allow the employee to receive assistance in addressing substance use issues through education and or treatment and to return to duty safely.

How our substance use case management and assessment works:

  • Working with you, we develop a program that meets the required regulations so that your program is affordable and in compliance.
  • When an employee’s drug or alcohol test is positive or comes forth with a substance use problem, we can arrange for our certified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) or Substance Abuse Experts (SAEs) to assess whether the employee does in fact have a substance use disorder.
    • If substance use treatment is required, an SAP or SAE will recommend the best course of action to take. This helps to ensure that individuals really do have a substance use problem and therefore a disability that you need to assist with by providing opportunities for substance use treatment.
  • After the SAE Safety assessment is complete, the employee will be connected with a substance counselling or treatment agency that can meet his or her specific needs. Recommendations may include education; counselling; residential substance use treatment; and/or referrals to medical doctors, psychologists, and other professionals for evaluations in areas other than substance abuse.
  • When the employee has complied with all recommendations that resulted from the substance use assessment, a negative Medical Review Officer (MRO) verified return-to-duty (RTD) alcohol and/or drug test is required before being released for duty in safety-sensitive positions.

Ensure compliance.

We can also assist with follow-up case substance abuse management or monitoring to ensure employees remain in compliance once they are back at work.

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