Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Testing

Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Testing

While lab-based oral fluid drug testing is not the gold standard that urine testing is, it can be the best choice in certain situations.  Lab-based oral fluid testing is easily administered and supervisors can be trained for testing employees working in remote locations where access to a fixed collection site may be challenging. Lab-based oral fluid testing may be required to meet conditions of ratified agreements in post-accident and reasonable cause scenarios. Eliminating shy bladder situations, oral fluid drug testing can be an effective matrix for random testing programs as well.

Laboratory-Based Oral Fluid Testing

All CannAmm oral fluid testing is laboratory-based to give you the accurate results that you can depend on and action reliably if needed. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has recommended cut-off levels for oral fluid but no laboratories currently have Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) certification for this technology. The Canadian Model recognizes oral fluid testing for reasonable cause and post-incident testing and has adopted the SAMHSA recommended cut-off levels.

Instant Oral Fluid Testing

Currently, there are no instant oral fluid testing products that have FDA approval that also test to approved cut-off levels. FDA approval requires minimum precision and accuracy standards, so this raises a real question of accuracy when it comes to these devices. Due to a very high risk of inaccuracy, particularly for marijuana (the most common drug of abuse in Canada), we do not offer this technology at this time, but we do understand that instant oral fluid testing might suit your specific business need. A key caution: Should you choose to use this technology, it is critical to get laboratory confirmation of all samples, regardless of the initial result.

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