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Occupational testing is an important part of a well-designed health and safety program, and is often a regulatory requirement. As the first provider of occupational testing services in Canada, CannAmm is an industry leader in delivering fast, defensible, and confidential occupational tests in a manner that respects your people, and your bottom line.

Occupational Testing Services

Drug and Alcohol Testing Provide a safe, healthy workplace and build a better business by including drug and alcohol testing in your health and safety program. For over 20 years, CannAmm has provided timely, trusted results, using a variety of technologies to suit business needs across industries.

Functional Fitness Evaluations Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading source of lost time injuries and workplace compensation claims in Canada. These injuries can be reduced by ensuring employees are fit for duty and can safely meet the functional and physical demands of a job.

Occupational Health Testing Improve safety in your organization with occupational health testing services which determine whether people are physically and medically capable of doing the job safely. We also offer occupational tests designed to protect your people, like mask fit testing and workplace hazardous exposure monitoring.

Training Programs We can provide services including urine collection, breath alcohol technicians, and employee and supervisor drug awareness training. With CannAmm training, your organization will be better able to control substance misuse on the job, making your workplace safer and more productive.

Return-to-Duty Services At CannAmm, we believe in “Remove the substance, keep the individual;” if your company has had an employee with a non-negative test result for drug and alcohol use, and you are committed to ensuring a safe workplace, our return-to-duty services can help. These services ensure the employer is doing the due diligence required to maintain workplace safety, while respecting individuals’ rights.

Speaker’s Corner As market leaders, we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the occupational testing industry. That is why we provide experts on our team to connect with you and share best practices on drug testing program management and other occupational health programs to assist with your business needs.

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As experts in the field of occupational testing, we ensure your occupational health and safety programs fit your organization’s needs. That means we’ll help make sure you are doing the occupational tests you need to meet your obligations or achieve your goals. We’ll also ensure that occupational test information is kept confidential and records are maintained as long as required. And if results indicate there may be an issue, we’ll help you through the process of discovering whether that’s the case, and will resolve issues in a way that is fair and timely.

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