Functional Fitness Evaluations Services with CannAmm

Functional Fitness Evaluations Services with CannAmm

The Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE) evaluates whether an individual is able to meet the physical demands of a specific job. It can be a valuable add-on to a medical evaluation or done as part of a site requirement.

This type of testing evaluates an individual’s functional ability to perform specific work tasks, to avoid putting that person at a higher risk if he or she is unable to physically perform a job. This type of testing can be especially helpful when testing older adults that are over 60 years of age.

When we do a Functional Fitness Evaluation, we spend approximately one day assessing and documenting the physical requirements of the specific job. All of these test queries are completed by a certified and experienced physiotherapist, kinesiologist, or occupational therapist.

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Why choose CannAmm Functional Fitness Evaluations?

  • Our evaluations are developed and tested using the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to protect employee and employer rights
  • CannAmm makes it easy to combine with drug and alcohol testing with evaluations
  • We offer easy to manage bookings – book multiple tests with one request
  • Confidential and defensible test result sets
  • Expect the results of your test data back promptly

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