Functional Fitness Evaluation Services

Functional Fitness Evaluation Services

Our Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE) is a thorough assessment designed to determine an individual’s ability to meet the physical demands of a specific job.

What is a Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE)?

An FFE is a set of physical tasks that mimic the physical demands of a specific job role. These tests are tailored to match the unique physical requirements of the position. The purpose of an FFE is to enhance safety in safety-sensitive environments while complying with regulations. Our evaluations aim to ensure fairness and productivity without compromising workplace standards.

When to Use a Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE)

Pre-access: Reduce the risk of workplace injuries by confirming that candidates can perform all essential job tasks safely.

How to Use Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE) Results

The assessment process evaluates potential employees’ ability to meet the essential physical requirements of a specific job, helping to minimize risks associated with mismatched capabilities. By aligning employees with suitable job roles and offering accommodations as needed, employers can enhance workplace safety and productivity while supporting individual well-being.

Benefits of an FFE Program

First, an FFE Program ensures safety by aligning tasks with worker capabilities, reducing the risk of injuries. Second, it leads to cost savings by minimizing claims and lost workdays due to injuries, while increasing worker retention. Lastly, compliance is achieved as functional fitness screenings are increasingly adopted as a standard practice in many industries for site access.

Accuracy and Defensibility

Evaluations are tailored to match the physical requirements of each job, they are also administered consistently by certified professionals, and the FFE results are both transparent and actionable. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, safeguarding individual privacy.

Setting Up Your FFE Program

We offer expert guidance to help you set up an FFE program, including assessing its suitability, determining appropriate positions, creating policies, and more

Why choose CannAmm Functional Fitness Evaluations?

  • CHRA-compliant evaluations to protect rights.
  • Easily combined with drug and alcohol testing.
  • Manage multiple tests with one request.
  • Confidential, defensible and prompt fitness results.


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