What is Occupational Health Testing?
What is Occupational Health Testing?

What is Occupational Health Testing?

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Jul 15, 2022
By: Kendra Lawrysyn

Every organization is responsible for establishing a safe work environment for its employees. Occupational Health Testing is one of the proactive measures included in health and safety programs. This type of testing ensures employee safety at the individual level. Not only does this help ensure employee wellbeing, but this also helps build a strong safety culture. But what is Occupational Health Testing? Read more about this topic and some of the most common health tests below!

What is Occupational Health Testing?

Occupational Health Testing is a series of medical and physical evaluations that ensure an employee is fit for duty. This type of testing ensures that each employee is able to complete the bona fide work requirements for their job in a safe manner. Tests of this nature are often completed during:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • When an employee needs to gain access to a new job site
  • When an employee is transferring to a new position
  • Throughout an employee’s tenure as a surveillance precaution
  • When an employee leaves the organization

Occupational tests cover a wide range of medical and physical abilities for many North American industries. An example of this would be having a new crane operator complete a hearing test. This would ensure that the employee has no hearing loss or damage that could cause a risk to their safety or the safety of the workplace. When completing a health test during the pre-employment process, an organization is establishing a baseline of health to compare future testing to. Conducting health tests is important for creating both a baseline and surveillance program for each employee. This helps ensure their safety throughout their time in their specific role.

What are some examples of Occupational Health Tests?

  • Medical Fitness Testing
    • A physical exam that is the foundation of establishing medical clearance to work in safety-sensitive roles. This test includes a full medical history and head-to-toe physical assessment.
    • Medical Fitness Testing helps mitigate the risks health conditions can pose, both immediate and long term.
  • Functional Fitness Evaluations
    • A series of tests, conducted in a clinical setting. They mirror the physical demands of bona fide occupational requirements.
    • An FFE is a customized analysis that helps identify the functional ability of candidates and employees.
    • This type of testing helps avoid putting employees at a higher risk if they are unable to physically perform a job.
  • Hearing Testing
    • An audiometric examination assesses a person’s ability to hear tones at various frequencies and decibels (loudness).
    • Helps to determine the effectiveness of ear protection and the degree of hearing loss related to exposure to noise and non-occupational illness.
    • Typically, monitoring using audiometric testing is done once prior to entry into the workplace as a baseline, then periodically as outlined by the legislative requirements of the province, and finally at the exit from the workplace.
  • Respiratory Testing
    • A pulmonary function test (PFT) or spirometry measures how well the lungs take in and release air and move gases such as oxygen from the atmosphere into the body.
    • Assesses the effects of toxic substances on the lungs, check the suitability of wearing self-contained breathing equipment, and whether people are fit to occupy strenuous positions.

CannAmm offers a customizable, comprehensive Occupational Health Testing program across North America. Our services help you meet the specific needs of your industry, wherever your business may take you. With an experienced team to help you establish which tests will best achieve your occupational health and safety goals, you can be confident that your testing program is effective.

Connect with our team of subject matter experts today to learn more or schedule your Occupational Health Testing Services.

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