How To Set Up Your Functional Fitness Evaluation Program
How To Set Up Your Functional Fitness Evaluation Program

How To Set Up Your Functional Fitness Evaluation Program

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Jul 1, 2022
By: Kendra Lawrysyn

A comprehensive health and safety program is crucial in protecting workplaces. Functional Fitness Evaluation programs (FFEs) are an important addition to consider. Understanding employees’ abilities and bona fide work requirements help mitigate the undue risk of injury. But what is an FFE and how do you set up an FFE program? Check out the information below or connect with a member of CannAmm’s team today!

What is a Functional Fitness Evaluation?

An FFE is a series of tests, conducted in a clinical setting. They mirror the physical demands of bona fide occupational requirements. A key part of an organization’s health and safety program, an FFE is a customized analysis that helps identify the functional ability of candidates and employees.

How to set up a program a Functional Fitness Evaluation

Setting up an FFE program from scratch can seem like an impossible task. Questions around who requires testing, which tests to include, who needs to conduct each test, and how you coordinate arise. CannAmm can provide guidance throughout your health and safety implementation. When results matter, CannAmm is here for you.


  1. If you’re reading how to set up an FFE program you’ve already gone through the first step in this process. Determining whether an FFE program is the right fit for your organization takes consideration. One of the elements that help make this decision easier is looking at the benefits of achieving key performance indicators. These indicators most often include reducing employee absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, etc.
  1. Understand the impacts a functional fitness ability program can have on your current operations. Key performance indicators may not be as noticeable in the short term, but in the long term is where organizations see the greatest impact. When organizations reduce the risk of injury, one can see greater productivity, less turnover, and increased employee morale.
  1. Not all positions in a workplace will need this level of occupational testing. Reviewing bona fide work requirements will determine which positions will benefit from FFE. Ensure that you’re only testing the employees in positions with these requirements.
  1. Develop and deploy policies that outline health and safety protocols. Our team recommends meeting with one of our occupational health and safety experts. Here you will be able to go over elements of the program which can include but is not limited to:
  • Which positions need an FFE?
  • When does your organization need to do FFE?
  • What do certain test results mean for the employee?
  • What are the processes that follow receiving test results?
  • How your organization plans on practicing your duty to accommodate
  1. Communicate the program with internal members of the organization. This gives you the opportunity to explain the benefits of conducting FFEs. Take the opportunity to explain the policy in full and answer any questions that may arise.
  1. Conduct a Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) for each position that requires an FFE. What is a Physical Demands Analysis? Check out our Physical Demands Analysis page on our website to learn more.
  1. It is time to set up an account with our team at CannAmm. Our team has the coordination, connections, and experience to tackle your FFEs. We will also ensure that your comprehensive program covers all aspects of the PDA.
  1. Put the program into your workplace!


CannAmm has subject matter experts who are ready to help. Connect with our team today to go over this setup process in more detail or to get started. We would be happy to design a Functional Fitness Evaluation program for your organization.

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