What is a Functional Fitness Evaluation?

What is a Functional Fitness Evaluation?

A functional fitness evaluation (FFE) is a series of tests, conducted in a clinical setting, that mirror the physical demands of the specific position a candidate will be employed in. These tests are developed based on a customized analysis that documents all the physical requirements of the position.

The FFE is a risk mitigation tool designed to ensure that the employee is physically able to perform the required duties of the position without undue risk of being injured at the workplace.

When to Use a Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE)

  • Pre-access: Reduce the chance of injury by ensuring the right person is able to perform all essential tasks of a job.
  • Pre-transfer: Make sure employees can handle the different functional fitness demands of a new role before injuries happen.

How to Use Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE) Results

  • Assess whether potential employees can meet the essential physical demands of a specific job.
  • Mitigate risk by assigning new employees to job classifications that match their current physical abilities.
  • Establish a baseline or benchmark for the physical abilities and functions required for a job, and provide appropriate accommodation where necessary.

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