Introduction to Point-of-Collection/Express Testing
Introduction to Point-of-Collection/Express Testing

Introduction to Point-of-Collection/Express Testing

News Red Slashes Oct 9, 2019
By: CannAmm Admin

In our September blog, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages to lab-based  drug testing. The main disadvantage discussed was lab-based testing’s time-consuming nature. The best solution? Urine point-of-collection testing. (However, please note that this is not an all-out solution).

Sometimes, a risk within a workplace needs to be identified and mitigated right away. This is where POCT comes in: point-of-collection testing allows for individuals to be tested with their results displayed on the spot, so one advantage to POCT is it is quick. Another is that it tests at the same cut off levels as laboratory testing.

However, this is where we run into POCT not being an “all-out solution:” POCT results are not necessarily sent to a lab, but are interpreted on the spot by the collector. Even if a POCT/express result turns up an inconclusive, it is not considered positive by any entities until confirmed as such by a laboratory, nor is it defensible in court.

If your organization is in a severe crunch for time, POCT allows for quick results and therefore the faster mitigation of risk and the faster gaining of control of a potentially unsafe situation for your employees. However, if you can spare the time to send an individuals’ test results to a lab for confirmation, then we encourage you to do so. At CannAmm, we offer both POCT and POCT to Lab.

POCT to Lab

Point-of-collecting testing can be performed in accompaniment with a lab confirmation, regardless of the initial screening result. In this instance, you may have written into your drug and alcohol policy that if the POCT/express screen delivers a positive result, your supervisors have authority to mitigate the safety risk until the laboratory confirms the screening results.

Contact us today with the form below for more information on each, and to see which test type meets the needs of your business and your resources.

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