Introducing the CannAmm Learning Centre
Introducing the CannAmm Learning Centre

Introducing the CannAmm Learning Centre

News Red Slashes Jun 1, 2013
By: CannAmm Staff

CannAmm is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new online training platform, the CannAmm Learning Centre.

CannAmm Learning Centre is an online training platform designed to provide an interactive and flexible training solution, anywhere, anytime. This online training module compliments our face-to-face training, ensuring that your supervisors and employees receive the training and knowledge they need to make informed decisions in the execution of your drug and alcohol testing programs.

The CannAmm learning platform interface is simple and intuitive, providing you with the most consistent and accurate training materials, which were developed and approved by CannAmm’s industry experts. Online training ensures that training has a minimal impact on operations by reducing the employees’ time away from the workplace.

The enhanced flexibility of the CannAmm Learning Centre allows training to be completed according to each learner’s pace and schedule. Furthermore, immediately upon completing each course, learners can then print their own certificates, which is particularly beneficial in circumstances where proof of course completion is required and time sensitive.

For more information on the CannAmm Learning Centre and how to register, please click here.

Contact us today to gain access to the training platform.
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