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Fort McMurray, Alberta is the home to one of many CannAmm testing locations. With a focus on the collections side of the business, this facility is equipped with the most qualified employees ready to provide a reliable and high quality of service. 

Fort McMurray CannAmm is built to serve clients in need of drug and alcohol testing, while also being able to provide many types of other occupational health tests and evaluations, which can be customized to meet the needs of the client. With a heavy existence of laboured work, CannAmm’s Fort McMurray location is one that is constantly busy, yet constantly able to meet company and industry standards.

CannAmm Occupational Testing Services protects your people, business, and profitability with empathy, unquestionable expertise, and trusted solutions. While there is nothing simple about what we do, we make sure it seems that way to our clients and to the people that are being tested. There is a need to make sure that clients do not have to worry about any step, but rather just be satisfied with the ease of the whole process.

Testing Services at CannAmm Fort McMurray

CannAmm offers a variety of occupational health tests, as well as drug and alcohol tests. These include:

Timely and reliable service is the standard that clients, donors, and all within the organization hold up to CannAmm. By constantly meeting and exceeding the needs of the people who need these services, CannAmm gains the reputation of being the best in the industry.

Safety Training in Fort McMurray 

CannAmm offers a range of health and safety training programs: from policy creation to our online safety training programs. Our programs cover everything from Employee Awareness Training to Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training (DOT). It’s time to take credentialing seriously. We’re here to help with that. 

HSE Implementation for Your Site see Fort Sask

Has your site recently undergone a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Audit? You can trust CannAmm for your HSE Training in Fort McMurray. From HSE Implementation, Testing and Training, we’ve got your site safety training courses covered. 

Not only do we offer HSE Testing and Implementation Services, we also offer a range of other safety training services, from fall protection to occupational health and safety awareness. 

Contact our Fort McMurray office for your Free Consultation: 1.800.440.0023