CannAmm Occupational Testing Speakers
CannAmm Occupational Testing Speakers

CannAmm Occupational Testing Speakers

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Nov 4, 2022
By: Kendra Lawrysyn

It’s no secret that having a great speaker at your event is what drives attendee satisfaction. Several benefits come from inviting a speaker to your next gathering. These include but are not limited to inspiration, path alignment, and employee engagement. As an industry leader in occupational testing, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest industry advancements. That is why CannAmm provides expert health and safety speakers on our team. Our subject matter experts can connect with you and share best practices on program management and other work-safe topics to assist with your business needs.

Benefits of having one of our CannAmm occupational testing speakers at your event:

  • Inspiration

    • A team that is feeling stuck or uninspired makes concurring safety problems a futile task. Bringing in one of our subject matter experts helps bring inspiration to your team. Moving on from the monotonous meetings and towards a speaker with experience stories and advice will bring new energy to your team. Not only will this increase attendee satisfaction, but also boost safety performance.
  • Path Alignment

    • Some say that employee disengagement comes from misunderstanding and miscommunication. Any deviation can stifle motivation, whether on goals, tasks, or policies. Having one of our CannAmm speakers can help align your safety goals with a clear direction. Speakers offer experienced insights and collaboration. This will power your team forward along an aligned path.
  • Employee Engagement

    • Decreased employee motivation has consequences on your workplace environment and its productivity. Having an outside speaker brings new energy to your team. Showing your team that you value them through providing new experiences is a kickstart to increasing engagement. This in turn will assist with boosting morale on the topic at hand. Get your team engaged with workplace health and safety with a keynote speaker that has subject matter expertise.

We want you to build a safety culture that keeps your employees going back to their families at the end of each work day. Our engaging occupational testing speakers create customized presentations for your upcoming safety talks or events.

Invite us to speak at your:

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Conference
  • Classroom Setting
  • Health, Safety, and Environment Meeting
  • Special Event
  • Tradeshow

We take complex things and make them simple. At CannAmm we provide all the tools and expertise you need to provide a safer workplace now and in the future. Contact our subject matter experts today at 1-800-440-0023 to book one of our occupational testing speakers for your next health and safety event.

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