Exposure to workplace hazardous materials is a chief concern in safety-sensitive industries. As an employer, the level of care you must exercise to ensure people are safe is more than just a one-time check. Heavy equipment requires periodic monitoring to ensure continued safe operation, and so do your people. Often there are no warning signs until the damage is done, so periodic testing is essential to a diligent toxic substance exposure monitoring program.

Our workplace hazardous exposure monitoring programs are as broad as they are specific. For example, we can provide routine monitoring for exposure to constant noise, designated substances, aerosolized particulates, and/or strenuous work. We provide a logistically sustainable approach, recommendations to control the environment, and direct and indirect monitoring of the individual using serial testing. In addition, you rest assured that all legislative compliance requirements will be met.

Periodic Occupational Health Testing Services

  • Hearing conservation: Periodic audiometric testing
  • Respiratory conservation: Periodic pulmonary function testing
  • Direct exposure monitoring: Directly testing for the presence of a hazardous substance
  • Indirect exposure monitoring: Testing for the effects of hazardous exposure

Why choose CannAmm for workplace hazardous exposure monitoring?

  • We partner with employers to manage risks, address needs, and optimize logistics
  • Guidance on what should be monitored and the most effective approach
  • Guidance on managing your program (if there are problems, we will be there for you)
  • We take on the medical/legal burden of interpretation and provide trusted recommendations of workplace action
  • We don’t just do a lab test. We provide actionable solutions

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Our approach protects the health of employees.

At CannAmm, we don’t just give you the results and close the door. Our occupational and drug testing services include recommendations to address concerning results and identified health conditions. This allows people to get the care and treatment they need to address issues early while helping to ensure that your workplace is safe.

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Are you in compliance?

A number of occupational testing requirements are regulated surveillance programs. These include designated substances, hearing testing, and pulmonary function testing, to name just a few.

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