Reasonable Cause

Reasonable Cause


Quick confirmation or disproval of what’s observed.

Reasonable cause testing is done to eliminate the possibility of current substance use being the cause of observed behaviours that lead a supervisor to believe the employee is not fit to perform duties in a safe manner. Supervisors in your organization are trained to observe signs that employees may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and, when such signs are noticed, request drug and alcohol tests.

Learn about supervisor training and the role of supervisors in dealing with employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How Reasonable Cause Testing Works

  • Trained management personnel or supervisors in your company observe that the current state of the employee suggests that the employee may be using drugs or alcohol.
  • Testing is initiated as soon as possible.
  • Documentation is completed, outlining the reasons a test was requested.

Employees who are being tested based on reasonable cause or reasonable suspicion should always be escorted to the collection facility by an accompanying supervisor.

Test right.

Our training programs help your organization ensure that reasonable cause testing is done within policy guidelines and required timelines.

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