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North Bay, Ontario is the home to one of the two CannAmm head offices in the country. Our North Bay office is the original CannAmm Occupational Testing Services location and is where the idea and execution of the company began. Starting up in 1995, CannAmm set out to be an upstart occupational testing firm set on revolutionizing the industry by providing top-tier quality and service.

Testing Services at CannAmm North Bay

Offering a full-service state-of-the-art experience, CannAmm North Bay provides information on a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing, occupational health and safety testing, and training programs to make your business a safe workplace, including:

Drug and Alcohol Testing in Ontario

As the largest occupational drug testing third-party administration company in Canada with many years of experience, we recognize that companies need to be sure that the people they are hiring are compliant with their drug and alcohol policies, as well as with government-set mandates for workplace safety. Occupational health and safety testing with CannAmm makes being compliant easier by providing gold-standard practices. 

Drug and alcohol testing mitigates the risk of injury and property damage and helps companies create a safe workplace. We help make sure your people are alert on-site with a broad range of drug and alcohol testing technologies using DOT and non-DOT sample collection to test for a wide range of substances. 

CannAmm is also available beyond employee pre-screening: our team is available for post-incident testing or random testing on site. 

Our test results are verified by a qualified medical review officer and posted on our secure reporting site. We are accountable for our results which are administered quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

The office is also equipped with the most cutting-edge call center, with highly trained and knowledgeable people who are ready to take and direct client calls as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Ontario Health and Safety Training

If you’re looking for Industry-leading training programs in Ontario, CannAmm offers a range of Health and Safety Training out of our North Bay location. CannAmm offers:

  • Supervisor Awareness Training in North Bay, where clients will be able to be educated on the basics of a fit-for-duty program, and signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and substance abuse. It offers approaches and required documentation for reasonable cause testing. 
  • Advanced Supervisor Awareness Training is another program offered, and this course trains the participants on supervisor responsibilities and provides an opportunity to practice in-depth reasonable case scenarios. It provides an advanced understanding of the supervisor’s role and required documentation for reasonable cause testing.

Search for available courses in our training schedule today.

Drug and Alcohol Policy in Ontario

If you are a business owner who currently employs Ontario workers and you don’t have a drug and alcohol policy, CannAmm can help you develop a framework. It is important to have a defensible drug and alcohol policy for dealing with the difficult issues surrounding the abuse of alcohol or drugs, medical conditions, and related stress and fatigue in safety sensitive positions.

Learn more about CannAmm’s Policy Development and Review Services >