Pre Employment Drug Testing in Canada
Pre Employment Drug Testing in Canada

Pre Employment Drug Testing in Canada

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Aug 26, 2022
By: Kendra Lawrysyn

Organizations that are hiring for safety sensitive positions will often implement Pre Employment Drug Testing into their onboarding practices. What is a Pre Employment Drug Test in Canada and why is it important? Our team of subject matter experts at CannAmm would be happy to go over these details with you. We will investigate some of the most common questions and their answers below.

What is Pre Employment Drug Testing?

Pre Employment Drug Testing is one of the five most common reasons for testing. Organizations will test their employees to ensure that they are fit for duty during a number of different occurrences. These 5 most common occurrences include:

  • Pre Employment Drug Testing
  • Pre Access Drug Testing
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Reasonable Cause or Post Incident Drug Testing
  • Follow Up Drug Testing.

Pre Employment drug testing tests job candidates for illicit substances to ensure that they are fit for duty. It is good practice to let potential candidates know that pre employment drug and or alcohol testing is a part of the employment process. Job applicants should be tested after an organization has made an official offer of employment. However, testing should occur before the person begins working. All applicants that are hiring for the same position should undergo the same panel and method of drug testing.

This helps hiring managers streamline the hiring process by reducing the risk of offering employment to individuals who may pose a heightened safety risk to themselves and others in safety-sensitive work environments. Pre Employment testing helps establish a safe work environment. This helps to reduce health and safety risks to employees, the public, to property and to the environment.

What counts as a Safety Sensitive Position?

A safety sensitive position can be categorized as one where incapacity due to drug or alcohol impairment could directly injure employees or others in the work environment. These particular positions are the main priority of drug and alcohol testing. Some of the safety-sensitive positions that our team at CannAmm most commonly tests for are:

  • Transportation workers
  • Construction workers
  • Workers in the oil, gas, and energy industries
  • Manufacturer workers
  • Mine workers


Is your organization currently conducting Pre Employment Drug Testing? Or are you consider adding it to you employment practices? Our team at CannAmm would be happy to go over the more specific details with you and the rules and regulations surrounding this. Reach out to our team today to go over your health and safety program.

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