Keep Your Workplace Safe This Holiday Season
Keep Your Workplace Safe This Holiday Season

Keep Your Workplace Safe This Holiday Season

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Dec 16, 2022
By: Kendra Lawrysyn

Many organizations across the nation celebrate the holiday season. Though it’s an exciting time of year full of joy, it’s also a great opportunity to wrap up a few projects. This can make for a dangerous workplace if not addressed by leadership.

Workplaces will often see an increase in the number of injuries during this time of year. These injuries occur from a combination of more responsibilities, a decrease in the workforce, and a final push to finish projects. It’s crucial to remind your organization to be careful this holiday season.

An unfortunate example of this can be seen from the Metron Construction Corporation in December of 2009. After a deadly incident caused by negligence, the trial judge stated that this was a ““seriously aggravating circumstance” of having prioritized schedule over safety”.

Safety sensitive workers have to be watchful to ensure that their fellow coworkers and their environment stay safe. One way to keep your workplace safe this holiday season is awareness training. Another is enforcing your health and safety program. Let’s take a closer look at these elements below:

  • Awareness Training
    • Drug and alcohol awareness training is an important skill set for all team members. CannAmm’s subject matter experts provide awareness training for both leadership and employees. We provide education on policies related to drugs and alcohol. This includes how we conduct occupational drug and alcohol testing. Not only does this bring an understanding of your workplace policy but also respect. We also go over the health effects of drug and alcohol use and abuse. A team that is aware of your policies is more likely to follow a drug and alcohol-free workplace.
    • Our award-winning online courses are some of the most recognized courses in Canada. With instant access and same-day certification, our engaging, interactive online training is easy to use and includes reference materials to enhance your knowledge and skills. Check out our CannAmm Online Learning Centre today to learn more.
  • Enforcing your Health and Safety Program
    • Though you may be pushing your team to be productive this holiday season, it’s important to remember your health and safety program. Stay diligent with stress management, fatigue awareness, and drug and alcohol testing. This will help prevent incidents in the workplace and remind your team how you value them.
    • Health and safety programs provide a framework for dealing with the difficult and often sensitive issues surrounding substance abuse, medical conditions, and related stress and fatigue. With a policy in place, employee expectations will be set and help ensure that your workplace is safe and drug-free.
    • The benefits of enforcing your health and safety program include fewer accidents and absences, lower turnover, and an increase in productivity.

Our team at CannAmm is looking to keep your workplace safe this holiday season. For any training or policy reviews make sure to reach out to our team of subject matter experts. We would be happy to find a solution to keep your team safe and in compliance with industry regulations. Happy Holidays!


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