5 Benefits From Investing in Occupational Testing Services
5 Benefits From Investing in Occupational Testing Services

5 Benefits From Investing in Occupational Testing Services

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Jun 17, 2022
By: Kendra Lawrysyn

For over 25 years our team at CannAmm has been providing our clients with occupational testing services. We are proud to be a one-stop solution for organizations’ testing needs. Yet, we don’t only provide accurate and convenient results. Our subject matter experts are proud to offer guidance on Health and Safety programs. Through this, we are able to help organizations achieve the benefits that arise from investing in testing services.

Occupational testing services not only help keep workplaces across the nation safe but also provide businesses with several benefits and return on investment opportunities. What are some of the benefits of investing in occupational testing services? Check out our top five below!

  1. Providing a safe workplace for all employees

No employer wants to have an employee get injured from a workplace incident. One of the most effective ways of ensuring employees in safety-sensitive positions stay safe is to ensure that they are fit for duty. By investing in occupational testing services employers are better equipped to manage and enforce their Health and Safety program.

  1. Reducing employee absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, etc.

If an employee experiences an injury in the workplace, there may be a need for this employee to take time away from their position to recover. This is why pre-employment occupational testing is so important. This type of testing ensures that individuals brought onto the team are fit to complete the work they’re assigned. Thus, reducing the number of accidents and downtime.

  1. Improve employee morale, productivity, and performance

When an employee is confident in their ability to complete their assigned work, this improves their performance. Not only does this work on an individual level but a group level as well. When your employees know that a member of their team is fit for duty they can feel safe in their workplace. This in turn increases the moral and productivity of the group.

  1. Providing employees with the proper help that they may need

Investing in CannAmm’s occupational testing services provides organizations with the opportunity to provide employees with substance abuse professionals and follow up testing procedures. If an employee is struggling with a substance abuse issue, we can help ensure that they are properly assessed to determine whether you have a duty to accommodate.

The results of the substance use assessment help develop recommendations that will allow the employee to receive help in addressing substance use issues. This help could be through education and or treatment with the goal to return to duty safely.

  1. Complying with regulations or litigation

Each Health and Safety program will have several policies and procedures listed. Depending on the type of job, you will see several occupational tests required. This could be for pre-employment, pre-access, reasonable cause, or random testing.  Testing can include functional fitness evaluations, audiometric testing, and drug and alcohol testing. Investing in preliminary testing ensures that employees on a worksite are both fit for duty and follow set rules and regulations.  


Ready to go over your Health and Safety program with one of our subject matter experts? It may be time to review your occupational testing needs to ensure the safety-sensitive employees in your workplace are fit for duty. Connect with our team at CannAmm today to discover the benefits!

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