Frequently Asked Questions on our Booking Process
Frequently Asked Questions on our Booking Process

Frequently Asked Questions on our Booking Process

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes May 12, 2023
By: CannAmm

1. How do I reach CannAmm’s Booking Department? 

A: By phone 

  • 1.800.440.0023
  • Option 4 for Drug and Alcohol only Monday to Friday 8 AM – 7:30 PM EST Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM EST
  • Option 5 for Occupational Health Services Monday to Friday 8 AM-6:00 PM EST for Occupational Health services
  • Option 3 for Emergency Post Accident or Reasonable Cause testing- Available 24 hours a day for Emergency Testing
  • Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 8 AM – 6 PM EST 
  • Responsiveness: Immediate (Exception: high call volumes)

B. Via the online booking system 
C. under appointments
D. Log into your account and go to the testing TAB and then select Submitting Web Bookings

  • Please Note: clients cannot submit an online web booking for Post-Accident or Cause test reasons
  • Responsiveness:
    • Usually less than 4 hours for Occ Health requests
    • Usually less than 1 hour for Drug and Alcohol requests

E. Via email

  • To book multiple non-urgent appointments you are welcome to send an email to [email protected] for Drug and Alcohol requests or [email protected] for Occupational Health requests

2. What do I need to be able to book an appointment(s)? 

  • An active company account is needed for all DOT requests, Post Accident or reasonable cause, and or Occupational health requests
  • If you are not associated with any company or union and you wish to test for your own purposes please request an “Independent Booking”
    • All individuals requesting an independent test for drug and alcohol will need to fill out the required information in the form located on our Website: in order to submit their request
    • Once filled out and submitted, a copy of the form will be sent to the booking department and a member of our Finance team will call when ready to process payment.
    • Please note: it may take us 24-48 hours to process the request dependent on our volumes

3. What does CannAmm ask for when we schedule an appointment?

  • Booking ID Number if you have been provided with one
  • Account Information Company name and/or division and Project Number if applicable
  • Name of authorized company representative booking the appointment (if applicable)
  • If the employee is booking their own appointment:
    • We will ask for the name of the union they are being dispatched from.
    • If the employee is not dispatched from a union and someone from the company asked them to call to book, we will ask for the company contact’s full name and phone number.
  • The legal first and last name of the individual needing the appointment(s).
  • Identifying information such as date of birth and an ID number for the person being tested (i.e. Drivers license, passport, or for Occupational Health Services your Health Card Number.
    • For DOT FMCSA Accounts, a donor driver’s license number is required as well as testing authority.
  • Job Position/Title for Occupational Health Bookings
  • Location & availability/preferred date and time of appointment(s)

4. How quickly can an appointment be confirmed?

  • In some instances, same-day may be possible but we usually require at least 1-3 business days for scheduling appointments as requested. The more notice given, the more likely we are able to schedule an appointment on the date requested. This is subject to employee/examinee availability and location 
    • >90% of appointments made within 3 business days of the requested date* 
    • *Remote locations and/or provincial services are primarily the exception 

5. Are there sites available in all places where we require testing?

  • In most major cities, service providers are not usually an issue. However, in remote locations, we may run into availability issues where the individuals may be required to travel in order to complete their testing
  • The testing locations CannAmm offers can be viewed on our CannAmm Website at:
    • Please note the database shows all locations but does not break it down by service/test offered

6. How do I know the details of completed bookings?

  • Once the appointment is scheduled and confirmed, the company contact who requested the appointment will receive an email booking confirmation with important details surrounding the appointment(s)
  • Please note: If the account is set up to allow employees/examinees to book their own appointment directly, the donor will verbally be made aware of their appointment details and in most cases will be able to receive a text or email with the location, date, and time

7. How do I check the booking status or make changes to upcoming appointments? 

  • If you need a status on a booking, please contact us at 1.800.440.0023 (Option 4 for Drug and Alcohol only, Option 5 for Occ Health Services). Or email us.
  • If you need to reschedule/cancel an appointment please be sure to call as soon as possible. * Please note that notice of 24 hours is required for cancelling any appointments for Occ Health and 1 hour is required for Drug and Alcohol – otherwise late cancellation/no-show fees will apply. 

8. What information and expectations should be set with the Employee/Examinee? 

  • Only the person being tested (and in certain cases a company-appointed supervisor) is allowed in the facility. Family, children, and friends will be asked to leave.
  • Government-issued photo identification will be required.
  • Depending on the testing being completed, individuals are encouraged to arrive at the clinic 10-15 minutes early to complete paperwork. For each service, they can expect the following:
  • Drug and alcohol testing: Be prepared to provide the required sample (urine, breath or saliva) at the time of the appointment.
    • The collection process for urine samples may take up to 3 hours to complete.
  • Mask fit testing: Donor/patient must be clean-shaven and must avoid smoking 30 minutes prior to the appointment. Eyeglasses cannot be worn during Full Face Mask Testing. Bring an optical lens mask insert to the appointment. 
  • Audiogram: It is recommended that individuals avoid exposure to loud noises for 12-14 hours prior to testing.
  • Vision testing/assessment: The individual must bring glasses/contacts to the appointment (if applicable). 
  • Functional fitness evaluation (FFE): Bring any necessary safety gear, and wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. It is recommended that the individuals avoid caffeine/nicotine for two hours prior to the appointment as this can affect their heart rate/blood pressure during the assessment.
  • Immunization: Must bring any previous immunization records. If a Mantoux/TB test is required, the donor/patient will be required to return to the clinic 48-72 hours later for the reading.
  • Physical exam: If the individual wears glasses/contacts they must bring them to the appointment as they will check their vision as part of the medical.
  • Pulmonary function test (PFT): No smoking or vaping two hours prior to the test. The individual must bring any inhalers (if applicable). It is recommended not to eat a big meal before the appointment time.
  • If an individual arrives at the clinic and there are any discrepancies, ask them to remain at the clinic and contact CannAmm at 1-800-440-0023 Select option 4 for Drug and/or Alcohol ONLY, select option 5 for Drug and/or Alcohol including Occupational Health Services for immediate resolution.
  • Please note, Clients will need to contact CannAmm if examinees are affected by any of the listed conditions or factors found on the Booking Pre-Screening Resource Document which can be found on our website here. Failure to notify our booking agents may result in late cancellation fees and rescheduled/cancelled testing. If you have any further questions in regard to this process please contact [email protected]
  • For additional information, please see our website
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