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If you need to undergo employment drug testing or occupational testing in order to work, we’re here to help. Get your questions answered, make sure you’re ready for your appointment, and learn more about how we help when testing results don’t meet employer expectations.


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Employers in Canada have made CannAmm the country’s most trusted source for occupational testing services.

We consistently provide what they need most: the occupational testing results they can count on, the reliability and high quality of service, the unquestioned expertise, the wide breadth of test types, the broad geographic coverage, the capacity for high volume test processing in a timely manner, the legal defensibility and compliance with leading practice – everything they need to build a comprehensive occupational testing program that meets regulatory requirements and, most importantly, makes their workplaces more safe.


Latest News

Welcome to the new CannAmm website
Jan 1 2014

What are the improvements? In addition to the improved navigation, content and layout, the new website features: Fully responsive website optimized for viewing across different devices (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones). Cleaner and intuitive design. Easy and multiple points access to Program Administrator and Clearance Letter request sites. Social media integration (LinkedIn and Twitter). A [Read More]

New CannAmm Location in Edmonton
Aug 8 2013

We are pleased to announce the new Edmonton West location: 10836 – 170th Street Edmonton, AB T5S 2H7 [Read More]

Introducing the CannAmm Learning Centre
Jun 6 2013

CannAmm is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new online training platform, the CannAmm Learning Centre. CannAmm Learning Centre is an online training platform designed to provide an interactive and flexible training solution, anywhere, anytime. This online training module compliments our face-to-face training, ensuring that your supervisors and employees receive the training and [Read More]

New Toll Free Fax Line
Oct 10 2012

To keep up with the growth that CannAmm has experienced, we are consolidating our fax servers to increase the capacity for inbound facsimiles. Effective 29 Oct 2012, the new toll free fax number for -Medical Review Officers and Assistants, Occupational Health Department, Booking Department, Finance and all North Bay Staff is 1-855-440-1123. The old fax [Read More]

Oxycodone News
Sep 9 2012

Recently, there has been increased general awareness about the abuse of Oxycodone and other prescription medications. National media stories have drawn attention and raised the profile of the abuse of these medications. Consequently, a number of worksites have, or are considering, expanding their testing standards from the standard 5-Panel drug test including Heroin and MDMA [Read More]

Industry News: Instant Oral Fluid Notice
Sep 9 2011

CannAmm works rigorously to provide you with trusted testing results. One of the main challenges our clients face is sorting through the misinformation regarding untrustworthy test options, particularly recent marketing blitzes orchestrated by promoters of instant oral fluid devices. To lend a hand to our clients, this notice is our official position on instant oral [Read More]