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Edmonton, AB T5A 1C6
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The newest edition to the Edmonton collection sites can be found on the north side of the city. Close to the Fort Road Bingo, CannAmm North is complete with the newest technologies and most comfortable and inviting waiting area for those coming in to test. Created to accommodate more appointments as well as being conveniently located for those on the north side of the city, CannAmm Edmonton North caters to a variety of occupational testing needs. This is one out of three CannAmm locations in Edmonton.      

Testing Services at CannAmm Edmonton North

In addition to these services, this location also accommodates post-accident testing 24/7, and conducts Functional Fitness Evaluations using representatives from CBI Health.

As market leaders, we understand the need to be on top of the most efficient and effective occupational testing options out there. With the overall goal of increased workplace safety, CannAmm provides services, solutions, and expertise to help companies build a drug-free workforce. With every test run in the highest quality, and done so in a professional manner, individuals can rest assured that the results being generated are defensible.

With the intent (when possible) of getting people in and out of our testing facilities, and back to work, as quickly as possible, we ensure the “behind-the-scenes” actions seem quick, seamless, and simple. Due to the sensitive and important nature of these tests, our collection teams are trained to complete these test with the upmost caution and precision. As a pioneer in the occupational health and drug and alcohol testing fields, we set the standard. We get it done right – fast.