Follow-Up/Compliance Monitoring

Follow-Up/Compliance Monitoring



Maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Compliance monitoring is essential after employees return to work. As an employer, your return-to-duty program shouldn’t end as soon as an employee who has gone through substance treatment is back at the job. Recovery from substance use disorders is an ongoing process and people often need help maintaining abstinence to ensure drug and alcohol compliance in early recovery as well as later, during stressful periods.

CannAmm compliance monitoring program is designed to ensure compliance with SAP/SAE recommendations and to identify issues that might trigger relapse. Our compliance checks include providing a follow-up testing schedule that should not be revealed to the employee. This way the employee knows that tests will occur but doesn’t know when, providing added incentive for drug compliance, alcohol compliance, and, where necessary, medication compliance.

Confidentiality is key.

Respecting people’s privacy and keeping information about their substance use issues confidential is critical. If you are considering providing other assistance to help employees maintain drug compliance, alcohol compliance, or medication adherence, talk to us. We can advise on appropriate courses of action for compliance checks that will not infringe on employee rights.

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