International Travel

International Travel

In today’s world, business is global, and so are your employees. But with travel comes unique health risks, including exposure to infectious diseases, environmental hazards such as altitude and extreme heat, and poor availability of medical resources. Foreign entrance requirements may also include health requirements that you need to consider before sending employees abroad. Any time your employees are away, it’s important to mitigate the risk of sending them off with an undiagnosed illness or medical limitation.

We have years of experience in satisfying diverse international medical requirements, including considerably complex environmental requirements such as high-altitude sickness, destination-specific vaccination obligations, and pre-travel advice to mitigate instances of exposure. Our international assessments include a medical exam and a series of specialized tests customized to each client’s needs. All information is held as long as required in complete confidentiality, and we ensure that your employees get recommendations for interventions when required.

Travel Vaccinations and Environmental Risks

Manage the risk at the destination by getting the right immunizations. Our experts develop in-depth understanding of the location and worksite requirements and determine which immunizations are required. At the same time, we can advise on the risks of the destination, such as high altitude, and provide your people with strategies and advice they can use to protect themselves while they are away.

Specialty Testing

Manage the risks the individual brings to the destination with specialty testing. In addition to a travel medical exam, we can do more than 140 specialty tests, chosen based on the work conditions the individual will face. Our experts work with you to create unique solutions to specialized workplace needs and will ensure that the chosen specialty tests are relevant and provide the right information for determining whether an individual is fit to work in the situation.

Get the best in international travel testing.

  • Proven success creating unique workplace solutions
  • Comprehensive management plan addresses health and safety
  • Medical expertise, national service, and access to high-ranking international experts
  • Over 140 specialty tests available
  • Individualized assessment for unique workplace risks

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