Setting Up Your FFE Program

Setting Up Your FFE Program

Setting up an FFE program for the first time may seem like a daunting task. CannAmm can provide expert guidance through the many steps of implementing a program. We’ll help you:

  • Determine whether an FFE program is right for you and set out key performance indicators such as:
    • Estimated cost savings
    • Reduced long-term injuries (measured in days or years)
    • Employee retention
    • Aggravated injuries
    • Productivity
  • Understand potential impacts of your functional fitness abilities program to your current operations
  • Determine what positions in your organization will be affected
  • Develop and deploy policies that clearly outline protocols
  • Communicate the program internally to your associates
  • Develop a physical demands analysis for each position
  • Set up an account
  • Implement the program

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Setting Up Your FFE Program

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