Unannounced Follow-Up Testing

Unannounced Follow-Up Testing


Ensure your work environment stays safe.

Follow-up drug testing is implemented after drug test results have shown that an employee has a substance use disorder. Once the employee has followed the recommendations of one of our Substance Abuse Experts (SAEs) or Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) and returned to work, follow-up testing is implemented as a component of the employee’s return-to-duty agreement.

A follow-up drug testing program will be included in the SAP’s/SAE’s recommendations to ensure the employee is not continuing to use the substance and that the work environment is in fact safe. Our follow-up drug testing programs are designed to ensure compliance with SAP/SAE recommendations and to identify issues that might be triggers for relapse. Our experienced professionals develop the right follow-up drug screening program for each employee and will ensure that your testing program does not infringe on employee rights.

How Follow-Up Drug Testing Works

  • The follow-up drug screening program consists of a set number of tests over a set period of time, ranging from 12 to 72 months.
  • Testing can be scheduled in advance by the company, but is considered unannounced testing because the employee is given just two hours’ notice before it takes place.
  • Negative unannounced follow-up tests are part of the employee’s conditions of continued employment.

How Return to Duty Testing Works

  • Return to duty testing can occur once an employee has met the SAP requirements and has been released by the SAP to complete the test.
  • Testing can be scheduled by the company, but since it is not considered unannounced testing, the employee may be involved in the scheduling.
  • Negative return to duty tests are part of the employee’s conditions of continued employment.

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