Why do we Drug Test?
Why do we Drug Test?

Why do we Drug Test?

Blog and Opinions ,News Red Slashes Feb 19, 2019
By: CannAmm Admin

Drug and alcohol testing is done to improve safety in the workplace. In many situations, people who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at work will put themselves and others at risk. Companies run these tests to deter people who are working on their sites from using drugs and alcohol at work. It mitigates the risk of injury and property damage, and helps companies establish a strong safety culture.

Drug testing is not intended to measure levels of impairment. Instead, drug tests tell you specific factual information, for example: that specific drug concentration levels have been verified above the established cutoff levels. A test result showing levels above these cutoff levels only indicates a heightened safety risk, not impairment. Additionally, a positive alcohol and/or drug test does not tell if an individual has a dependency issue. For that, we depend on the evaluation of a substance abuse expert.

While workplace safety, and deterring people from using drugs and/or alcohol at work, are two main reasons for drug testing, there are also a few other reasons:

  • To avoid hiring individuals who pose a safety risk;
  • To identify employees who have alcohol and/or drug problems, and to help them recover and return to work safely;
  • To reduce organizational risk and liability;
  • To retain responsible employees who also value safety;
  • To demonstrate your social responsibility to the communities you work in; and,
  • To comply with industry and/or the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

At the end of the day, all anybody wants is to make it home safe and sound. We help make this happen by offering services such as pre-employment, site-access/pre-access, and random drug testing, all of which assist in lessening the risks associated with drug and/or alcohol use on the job. With services that include urine, oral fluid/saliva, breath alcohol, emergency/after-hours, and mobile drug testing, we ensure that there is a service at CannAmm which meets your safety needs.

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