COVID-19 Update for CannAmm Clients
COVID-19 Update for CannAmm Clients

COVID-19 Update for CannAmm Clients

News Red Slashes Mar 12, 2020
By: CannAmm Admin

At CannAmm the safety of our employees and client’s employees is our highest priority. Currently, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) assesses the risk associated with COVID-19 as low to the general public but warns that this can change rapidly. Everyone has a role to play to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Here are the steps CannAmm has currently taken, over and above current procedures, in order to protect our employees as well as yours. These are current in CannAmm facilities and are being shared with third-party sites as they are requested:

  • All donors will be asked to complete a questionnaire and possibly have their temperature taken (non-contact)
  • If a potential risk is identified, the donor will be asked to leave and have their appointment re-booked
  • Donors may be asked to wear a mask if other risk factors are present
  • In addition to regular cleaning protocols, we have enacted additional provisions to sanitize work surfaces
  • Information on coughing etiquette, social distancing, proper handwashing procedures, and other relevant preventative measures are being actively communicated to donors

Beyond these precautions within CannAmm facilities, we are committed to continuing to serve you. Business continuity initiatives are ongoing.

This is a dynamic situation and change can occur rapidly. We will continue to keep you updated as this situation develops.


Yours in Health and Safety,

The CannAmm Team

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