Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?
Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Mar 27, 2017
By: CannAmm Admin

Trying to find a qualified, entertaining speaker for tradeshows, conferences, safety meetings, etc. can sometimes be hard. Then again, other times it’s just a click away.

One of the biggest topics of the year is marijuana legalization. What does it mean for employees and employers? How can companies prepare for it? What are the rights of all parties involved? How does one prepare to manage it in the workplace? These are just some of the questions that are continuously being asked.

Canada has undergone unprecedented changes in two decades. Health Canada has introduced changes allowing broader legal access to marijuana for medical purposes, and legalized marijuana is expected by 2018. This is a tremendous change that the far majority of employers are unprepared to manage in hazardous, safety-sensitive work environments. Medical accessibility of marijuana has been the Trojan horse to cultural and political acceptance for recreational use globally, and the widespread minimization of the harm it poses to our workplaces and on our roadways.

The topic of marijuana is highly polarized, has evolved into multiple complex debates, and has left most people in a fog, feeling overwhelmed and ultimately paralyzed by misinformation – a fog that will cost lives if not cleared.

CannAmm’s Dan Demers has traveled all around the world delivering his presentation on marijuana in the workplace. He discusses the current state of marijuana in the workplace, the implications to workplace safety and human resource policies and practices, and provides the steps needed to manage these implications in a workplace. At the end of his presentation, participants will understand employee and employer rights, as they pertain to marijuana, as well as how to effectively implement policies that address the use of marijuana by employees in safety-sensitive roles.  

Health and safety of all employees is of the upmost importance. With changing legislation, it is important for all individuals within an organization to be aware of the facts in regards to marijuana’s social use, legality, and use for medical reasons.

To book Dan for your next event, click here.

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