Instant Oral Fluid Notice
Instant Oral Fluid Notice

Instant Oral Fluid Notice

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Sep 1, 2011
By: CannAmm Staff

CannAmm works rigorously to provide you with trusted testing results. One of the main challenges our clients face is sorting through the misinformation regarding untrustworthy test options, particularly recent marketing blitzes orchestrated by promoters of instant oral fluid devices. To lend a hand to our clients, this notice is our official position on instant oral fluid devices and the technology itself.

We have not adopted, nor do we promote, any Oral Fluid Instant testing devices due the current limitations of the available technology. The current irreconcilable limitations are:

  1. There are no instant oral fluid devices currently on the market that are FDA approved.
  2. The scope of testing provided by these devices fails to include all drugs required by the COAA.
  3. The specificity in the method and technology is inadequate to produce trusted results.
  4. Devices do not screen at the COAA or DHHS suggested cutoff levels.

Thank you for your attention and consideration. We encourage all our clients to apply critical thinking with respect to their drug and alcohol testing programs, and to be vigilant against misinformation by questioning the validity of the source and compare against established standards. When in doubt, please ask us… we recognize the responsibility of our role as your trusted advisor, and make it our business to know what options are best suited to your needs while mitigating the associated risks.

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