6 Steps to Getting the Best in Medical Fitness Evaluations
6 Steps to Getting the Best in Medical Fitness Evaluations

6 Steps to Getting the Best in Medical Fitness Evaluations

Blog and Opinions Red Slashes Sep 24, 2015
By: Dan Demers

iStock_000007211264MediumA physical exam is the foundation of establishing medical clearance to work in all safety-sensitive roles. Medical fitness testing should be developed and carried out by knowledgeable experts due to its precise nature. They should also be customizable as to meet the needs of anyone working anywhere. These services have been designed to: protect employer and employee rights, make sure that employees do not unfairly lose employment, and ensure that employers can defend decisions if/when required.

The importance of a medical fitness evaluation is that it helps organizations operating in safety-sensitive industries promote safety by managing employee health risks. They also improve overall health and wellness in the workplace by assessing whether people are medically fit for the job they are performing. In some industries (ex. construction, transportation, aviation) medical fitness testing is required because employee health conditions could endanger the public.

A comprehensive medical exam includes a full medical history with a head-to-toe physical assessment. All medical exams should only be conducted by qualified individuals, with the results being reviewed by a physician team in order to ensure quality and consistency.     

Now for the steps! To be sure that you are getting the best in medical fitness evaluations, here is a list of things to keep in mind when choosing a provider:

  • Standardized, quality assured, and available coast to coast

You want to be sure that whenever a test is conducted that it will be the same from one city to the next. Especially important for organizations that operate in multi cities, this gives peace of mind as you will know that the test from one place to another will be conducted in the same manner. This ensures that everyone is on an even playing field.

  • Easy to manage

The ability to book multiple tests with one request should be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your time is valuable, and the last thing you want to do is call for each individual test needed. Instead, there should be a worry-free and easy way to book a number of tests at once, saving you time and energy.

This ensures convenience for the client. Why go through the process of doing a series of separate tests at different times if you can combine everything in one go? Your time is worth more than that, so this combination helps in getting things done faster, quicker, and easier.

  • Based on internationally accepted standards

Work can take you anywhere at any time, that is why it is important to find somewhere whose medical fitness exam results are internationally recognized because you just never know where life, or work, will take you!

  • Confidential and defensible

Confidentiality is key. You are dealing with personal information that should only be shared between the most necessary parties. Defensibility is important for everyone as it ensures employees are treated fairly, while also protecting employers from legal challenges.

  • Supported by medical expertise when needed

Have a question? No problem! Medical experts are as close as a phone call away, so individuals need not worry if they have any questions immediately, the next day, or weeks down the line. Having this around the clock availability may seem unnecessary at first, but if something arises the benefit will be seen quickly.

No matter who you choose as your medical fitness testing provider, make sure you ask the right questions and use the above steps as your guideline so you can make the best decision.

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