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Expert Drug & Alcohol Tests

Employee Safety First


Occupational drug and alcohol testing mitigates the risk of injury and property damage, and helps companies establish a strong safety culture.

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Pre-employment testing: Identify candidates who could pose a risk in safety-sensitive work environments.
Pre-access testing: Identify people who could pose a risk in safety-sensitive work environments before giving them access to the work site.
Post-incident/post-accident testing: Determine the possible contributing factors of a workplace incident and work to prevent future incidents.
Reasonable cause: Objectively evaluate possible factors when there are visible signs and symptoms of substance use impacting workplace safety.
Random drug and alcohol testing: Deter substance use and enhance safety policy compliance by testing a random sample of the workforce.
Unannounced follow-up testing: Following a policy violation, ensure compliance with the testing program prior to and after being reinstated to work.



With thousands of collection sites across Canada and the U.S., you can access the tests you need, where you need them.  Today, we are the largest occupational drug testing third-party administration company in Canada, offering a best-in-class U.S. DOT program as well as non-DOT industry testing programs that help companies follow industry best practices. Our drug testing and alcohol testing services include:

1. Urine Drug Test Experts

Our urine drug test services give you accurate results that you can rely on. Because a urine drug test done in the laboratory is more accurate than other types of urine testing, we recommend laboratory-based urine drug testing as the most reliable solution if you can wait for the urine drug test result. Our laboratory-based urine tests give you the most legally defensible type of results, recognized by Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Canadian Model and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as the leading practice within the testing industry. 


2. Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Testing

All CannAmm oral fluid testing is laboratory-based to give you the accurate results that you can depend on and action reliably if needed. While lab-based oral fluid drug testing is not the gold standard that urine testing is, it can be the best choice in certain situations. Lab-based oral fluid testing is easily administered and supervisors can be trained for testing employees working in remote locations where access to a fixed collection site may be challenging. Lab-based oral fluid testing may be required to meet conditions of ratified agreements in post-accident and resonable cause scenarios. 


3. Breath Alcohol Testing

Our alcohol testing technicians are highly trained and experienced, and certified in the breathalyzer equipment they use. They understand the importance of getting an accurate result every time, and ensure that proper procedures are followed for each and every breath alcohol test. CannAmm offers both alcohol screening tests and breath alcohol confirmation tests.


  • Avoid hiring individuals who pose a safety risk
  • Identify employees who have alcohol and/or drug problems and help them recover and return to work safely
  • Do your due diligence by collecting data to reduce organizational risk and liability
  • Help retain responsible employees who value safety
  • Demonstrate your social responsibility to the communities you work in
  • Comply with industry and/or the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations


4. Emergency/After-Hours Testing

If an incident occurs in the workplace, drug and alcohol testing needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to best determine if substance use was a contributing factor. Alcohol testing must be done within 8 hours and drug testing needs to be done within 32 hours to ensure viable results.


5. Mobile Drug Testing

Mobile drug testing makes sense when bringing your people to one of our collection sites doesn’t.  Examples of such include when you are in a remote location or you have a high number of on-site employees that need to be tested within a day or two. With mobile drug testing, you’ll reduce employee time away from site and downtime, while ensuring testing is done in a timely manner.