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 Canadian Model 5.0 A summary of changes to the Canadian Model that are effective on October 8, 2014 compared to the past version of the Model.Click here to open
Audiogram/Audiometric TestingEmployers performing audiograms are doing so as a part of comprehensive health surveillance program aimed at promoting a safer workplace where audiometric testing contributes to a part of an overall fitness assessment. Monitoring the effects of workplace exposure and ensuring legislative compliance is best achieved through a comprehensive health surveillance program including audiometric testing.Click here to open
Bill C-45A recent ruling and subsequent conviction and fine levied under Canada’s Bill C-45 legislation highlights the dangers that employees under the influence of drugs at the workplace may face, as well as the consequences that a workplace safety incident can have for a company.Click here to open
CannAmm Learning CentreCannAmm Learning Centre is an online training platform designed to provide an interactive and flexible training solution, anywhere, anytime.Click here to open
Extended Panel Testing (12 Panel)12-Panel drug testing can have useful applications, as it provides an additional screening for safety risks associated with medical (prescription) drugs. Companies evaluating the 12-Panel testing for their program should be aware of the safety implications, operational impact and risks associated with the practice.Click here to open
Random Testing ProgramsRandom testing is proven to be the most effective deterrent to drug and alcohol misuse at the workplace. Our experience in policy development and review, supervisor training, collection capabilities, and laboratory testing, in combination with our ability to run a truly random program based on computer algorithms and set parameters, makes CannAmm a highly trusted provider for this type of testing.Click here to open
Safety Sensitive Medical ExamMany organizations have introduced post-hire and periodic medical exams to address the hazard that common health conditions pose in the workplace and to promote a healthy and safe workforce in the short and long term. Introducing medical exams into health and safety standards is a critical measure for managing health risks in the workforce, as well as risks to the public.Click here to open











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Programmes de Tests AléatoiresIl est prouvé que les tests aléatoires sont la mesure de dissuasion la plus efficace contre l’abus de drogues et d’alcool en milieu de travail. Notre expérience dans l’élaboration et l’analyse des politiques, la formation des superviseurs, les capacités de collecte et les tests de laboratoire, associée à notre capacité d’exécuter un programme véritablement aléatoire fondé sur des algorithmes informatiques et des paramètres fixés, fait de CannAmm un fournisseur de confiance reconnu pour ce type de tests.Click here to open