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In order to become Canada’s most trusted provider of occupational testing results, there is a need to prove that what CannAmm offers is the best in the industry. This is done by ensuring experts are employed in the drug and alcohol and occupational testing services sectors of the business. With the ability to ensure the right information is being given, CannAmm prides itself on testing right, and testing fast.

One of the newest additions into the CannAmm family is the Calgary-South office. Located on MacLeod Trail and Heritage Drive, this location makes it more convenient for companies and donors in need of testing in the Calgary area. Dedicated to donors, this collection site is home to a variety of tests to meet the needs of the clients. If your organization is looking to reduce the risks to your employees’ health and safety, in terms of drugs and alcohol, CannAmm is your one-stop shop. With that said, however, we are not limited to just drug and alcohol testing. CannAmm provides a wide variety of other occupational health tests and evaluations, which can be customized to meet the needs of the clients.     

Testing Services at CannAmm Calgary

Continuously providing trusted results in a timely and reliable manner is the standard in which CannAmm strives to provide for every test conducted. This is why a large number of Canada’s leading companies choose CannAmm.